Week 1 – Solve Your Cycle Seminar

In this 90-minute seminar Dr Libby will cover:

  • What the experience of a ‘normal’ period is
  • How to interpret your body’s cycle symptoms, including headaches, cramps, mood swings and cravings
  • What your menstrual flow can tell you about your health
  • Why ovulation is the main event of your cycle
  • Understanding heavy periods and how to treat these
  • The role of your brain and thyroid in the experience of your cycle
  • Anovulatory or irregular cycles
  • Other hormones that can interfere with your cycle
  • Signs and symptoms of estrogen excess and low progesterone
  • Hormonal acne—why this occurs and what to do about it
  • Why we can experience anxious feelings and sleeplessness before a period
  • Ways your body can let you know it’s beginning to transition into perimenopause
  • The link between your period and your bowels
  • Practical steps to help you experience a regular period that simply just show’s up, without uncomfortable symptoms

Suitable for women of all menstruation stages—from puberty to early perimenopause.