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Starts Monday 4th of March

Three months of support to ease your menstrual challenges.

Enrolments have now closed

Experience just how good your body is designed to feel when you give it additional nutrients.

One teaspoon.
Once a day, for 28 days.
It’s that simple.

Experience just how good your body is designed to feel when you give it additional nutrients.

One teaspoon.
Once a day, for 28 days.
It’s that simple.

Are you tired of suffering month in month out?
Join the Solve Your Cycle Challenge:

Do you suffer with inconvenient or debilitating period symptoms such as heavy bleeding, pain, irregularity, headaches, nausea, fluid retention, bloating, skin breakouts, aching legs, fatigue, poor sleep, irritability or anxiety?

Perhaps painkillers are your monthly saviour or you notice how, at about the same time each month you’re short and sharp with the people you love the most. Maybe you just feel emotionally volatile, or as though someone else takes over your body entirely.

It’s possible you’ve been told that period problems are ‘normal’, but they’re not. They’re common, not how it is supposed to be.

Likely, you’ve also been told there’s nothing you can do, yet this is far from true.


Any monthly symptom can be a sign from your body that your hormones are out of optimal balance – or that one of the systems that regulates your hormones could do with some extra love. And once you learn to decipher your body’s messages and understand the lifestyle changes that support your personal experience, it is possible to experience utterly boring periods that just show up unannounced.

If you’re tired of suffering month in month out, then the Solve Your Cycle challenge is for you.

What’s in the challenge:

What do you get?

  • Three month’s supply of Bio Blends Cycle Essentials – a blend of concentrated nutrients and herbs scientifically formulated by Dr Libby, drawing on her 20+ years of biochemical and clinical expertise, to provide your body with what it needs to help balance your sex hormones.
  • An in-depth online workshop by Dr Libby sharing everything you need to know about your hormones for a healthy, symptom free cycle (because understanding the ‘why’ behind your symptoms is key).
  • Four supportive emails chock full of additional insights and helpful guidance on how to support your cycle through nutrition and nervous system regulation as well as a list of tests that can help you to get a clear picture of your current hormonal health picture.
  • Dietary guidelines to help you make food choices to support optimal hormone production, hormone regulation, and reduce uncomfortable menstrual symptoms.
  • A symptoms tracker so you can chart your progress.
  • A box of Organic Initiative Organic Cotton sanitary pads to ensure you are using high quality, non-toxic period products.
  • A box of Planet Organic peppermint tea to encourage restorative rituals during the challenge

Between the workshop and the emails, you’ll learn:

  • What is happening throughout the entire month of your cycle
  • How your period is just one small part of a much bigger operation and how the health of each body system can impact on your cycle
  • What the different symptoms you experience can tell you about what your body needs more or less of
  • The intricate connection between your brain, thyroid and ovaries
  • Everything you’ll ever need to know about your sex hormones
  • How your period is often reflective of your health a little over three months ago
  • The role of the pituitary gland and the impact of stress on your monthly cycle
  • How to support your endocrine system so that your periods show up without the fanfare
  • Scientifically proven ways to downregulate your stress response
  • The specific nutrients your body needs to produce optimal levels of progesterone and how to tell if this is too low
  • The foods and drinks to consume (and those to minimise) to ensure your body is getting what it needs to balance hormones naturally
  • Ways to reduce your inflammatory markers (which is not just great for challenging cycles but beneficial for all aspects of your health)
  • Nutrient deficiencies that can lead to cycle-related skin breakouts
  • How to reduce fluid retention
  • What mood swings, impatience and irritability can be trying to communicate to you about your hormonal profile
  • What blood tests to get and what to look for if you suspect you have a specific hormone imbalance

The Solve your Cycle Challenge kicks off Monday March 4. Join us now to ensure your Cycle Essentials product arrives in time for the Challenge.

In each bottle of Cycle Essentials, you’ll find:


Calming for the nervous system and enhances progesterone production, which is a powerful anti-depressant and anti-anxiety agent, as well as a diuretic, offering relief from fluid retention and cramps. Think, less mood swings, irritability and discomfort.

Siberian ginseng

Siberian ginseng is a fantastic herb for supporting the ‘stress system’ of the body, which can have an enormous impact on sex hormone balance.

Dong quai

Dong quai is a long used herb in traditional Chinese medicine, and it can be particularly impactful for relieving menstrual pain and cramps, resolving gut problems that come on with menstruation, as well as easing numerous menopausal symptoms.


Helps rebuild the part of the adrenal glands where sex hormones are produced, curb sugar cravings, reduce inflammation and boost energy. It works synergistically with Paeonia to support healthy ovulation and ease menstrual cycle discomfort. It also strengthens and heals depleted adrenal function due to excessive stress hormone output, allowing the body to naturally produce the right amount of progesterone.

Kelp (Iodine)

Derived from New Zealand kelp, iodine is a necessary trace mineral for good ovarian health; it helps maintain healthy follicular function – allowing optimal progesterone production, is essential for optimal thyroid function, and is necessary for the metabolism of all cells which improves energy and supports effective body fat utilisation.

Don’t miss this chance to ease what can feel like monthly chaos – whether you let others know this or keep your suffering to yourself. Come and learn, and truly experience, how life can be without debilitating period symptoms.

Three months of support to ease your menstrual challenges.​

Enrolments have now closed


Monday 4 March 2024

Solve Your Cycle Challenge – FAQ’s

All participants will begin the challenge on Monday 4th of March. The challenge goes for three months.

The only cost for the Solve Your Cycle Challenge is the cost of three bottles of Bio Blends Cycle Essentials $159.95 – the rest is all free and designed to support you to solve your cycle challenges.

Women in the menstruation stage of life, even if the cycle is irregular, including those in the peri-menopausal transition. However, for young women, it’s best if you’ve been menstruating for at least 12 months before taking Cycle Essentials. If you are in the last stage of peri-menopause (just before menopause) and your periods have stopped, this Challenge is not suitable for you.

Please note that Cycle Essentials is not suitable for those who take blood thinning medications or those who have hypertension.

Upon signing up to the Solve Your Cycle challenge, participants will receive their bottles of Bio Blends Cycle Essentials, together with a Period Tracker Card, a box of Organic Initiative Organic Cotton sanitary pads and Planet Organic peppermint tea.

From there, beginning on Monday 4th February 2024, participants will receive an email every Monday morning for the first 4 weeks of the Challenge, with additional insights and strategies to support you from Dr Libby. 

You will also receive access to Dr Libby’s 90-minute Period Problems workshop recording which you can access online for 60 days.

The recommended dosage is one tablet three times a day with food. If this feels inconvenient or you’re likely to forget the lunchtime capsule, split the dosage up and take two in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with your dinner.

Everyone’s experience with the formula will be unique to them, based on their own health circumstances. Cycle Essentials works to support cyclical, monthly ovulation.

Some people notice a difference after one month of taking this blend, for others it’s two to three cycles (months) before you see a significant impact. It partly depends on your starting point from a nourishment and stress perspective.

While not essential, there are a few additional changes to your lifestyle choices that can help you to maximise the results of this Challenge. You will receive dietary guidelines from Dr Libby to help you make food choices to support optimal hormone production, regulation and reduce uncomfortable menstrual symptoms. These aren’t essential, they are just a guide. However, Dr Libby will strongly encourage you to give them a committed try!

Everyone who joins will receive a Period Tracker Card. You can stick it on your fridge or place it somewhere where you will see daily to remind you to take your Bio Blends Cycle Essentials and mark down your symptoms.

You might like to also do the Challenge with a friend and keep each other motivated and accountable.

Cycle Essentials is not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The combined oral contraceptive pill prevents ovulation, with synthetic substitutes for the hormones being supplied by the pill. The pill stops ovulation and hence progesterone production while Cycle Essentials works to help foster healthy cyclical ovulation (and hence good progesterone production). Their mechanisms of action oppose each other so we don’t recommend taking Cycle Essentials if you take the pill.

Cycle Essentials may be taken with the Mirena IUD – there are no contrindicaitons – however, if you are experiencing any symptoms that only started since having the IUD inserted it may not assist with these. For example, the Mirena IUD can lead to irregular periods for some women so Cycle Essentials is unlikely to counteract this.

No. Bio Blends Meno Magic has been created for women who are post menopausal – so no longer menstruating – and suffering with symptoms related to low estrogen, or both low estrogen and progesterone. You can learn more about Meno Magic here.

Yes, our Bio Blends range are designed to complement each other and can be taken together (except for Meno Magic).

If you are taking any prescription medications or have a medical condition, please consult with your qualified healthcare professional before taking these products. They are safe to take in most conditions (except hypertension) and safe to take alongside most medications (except blood thinning medications), but it is essential that this is guided by an experienced health professional.

Please note that Cycle Essentials is not suitable for those who take blood thinning medications or have hypertension.

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